Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jack Entry #5

Entry #5:
At the next meeting, Ralph yells at the younger boys on how they are not listening to the rules that have been set. They are refusing to do the things that have been assigned to them, but none of these things have been done. Then he reminds them of the importance of the signal fire and how thats our only way off of this island. The littluns say that there beast dreams are increasing and I reassure them that there is no beast in the forest. But they still seem to be frightened by these dreams. But one of the littluns actually says that hes seen the beast before in the forest and he says that I comes from the ocean at night. But I said that if there is a beast, then we will kill it. Then the hunters and I run off into the forest and leave Simon, Ralph, and Piggy on the beach.

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