Monday, May 7, 2012

Jack Entry #1

Entry #1:
I have just reached the island with the other choir boys, and we immediately start trying to find any signs of life. But we were soon to hear the sound of a conch being blown from the beach, so we began to march to the sound. I was named the leader, due to the fact that I was the oldest and the most wise person amongst the children that I was commanding. Once we reached the others, we went into formation, but we couldn't help but make fun of this fat little boy who looked ridiculous with huge glasses and he was so fat at the same time. But they all introduced themselves, Piggy, Ralph, Simon, and the others. We all begin to talk and meet one another, until we decided that some ground rules need to be established, so we wanted to select a leader. And it is obvious that I should have been in charge, due to the fact that I'm much bigger and stronger than the others. We began the vote between Ralph and I, so all the choir boys voted me to be the leader, but I could not believe it, the others boys voted Ralph to be leader and HE WON! I was furious with this decision, but Ralph had made all of the choir boys the hunters, and I was the leader of the hunters. Then after that non-sense, Ralph selects Simon and I to explore the island and become cognizant of our surroundings. We all become overjoyed with the exploration. We all seem to be forming a connection between one another and we become distracted, and start playing in the forest while we should be exploring for any resources that could be vital for our survival. Once we stop playing, we start venturing more to the other side of the island, were there are steep, jagged rocks that we climb up and once we get to the top, we discover that were is no signs of civilization around to save us. All that we can see is water and no other signs of land anywhere close to us. But on the way back to the beach were the boys are waiting, I see a wild pig caught up in some vines. I took out my knife and went to kill it, but something inside of me hesitated to kill the pig, so I pulled back. Then it was able to get out of the tangled mess that it had gotten itself into. I told the other guys that next time when I have that kind of opportunity to kill a pig, that it will not happen again. Then afterwards we head back to the beach to meet the others.  

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