Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jack Entry #3

Entry #3:
I had made a makeshift spear out of a stick and I begin to stalk a pig through the forest, but I lose sight of it. I was very upset after the missed opportunity and headed back to the beach to meet with the others, and once I get there, I happen to see Ralph and Simon working on the huts. But Ralph seems to be very angered, because the huts keep falling down and the other boys are not helping them at all. Them Ralph turns the tables towards me and starts to yell at me for not being able to kill anything for us to eat. I explained to him that I would be able to catch a pig and return it for the group. But Ralph is starting to worry about the stupid littluns and how they are having nightmares every night, and I have no interest in what he had to say. Ralph is still very upset at me for using not being to kill anything as an "excuse", but I really not able to hunt anything right now and it is quite hard. The argument gets very heated, but we realize that we should probably forget about it and go swimming. This does not work and we still are angry at each other.

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