Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jack Entry #11

Entry #11:
The hunters and I were coming back from killing a pig in the forest, and I see Ralph so I yell at him to leave our camp. He tells me that he needs Piggy's glasses back, so I attack Ralph and bring him to the ground. He tries telling me that we need a signal fire inorder to be saved, but I ignore him and tell some of the hunters to go and capture Sam and Eric and bring them back to the camp. Then he attacks me again and we begin another fight and this time all I could hear is Piggy's whining. So Roger rolls a massive boulder down the mountain side. It nearly hits Ralph, but it does hit Piggy, and it knocks him off the mountain side and he falls to his death. I try to throw a spear at Ralph, but he dodges it and runs off into the forest. But after that we begin to torture Sam and Eric, which forced them to join our tribe.

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