Monday, May 7, 2012

Jack Entry #2

Entry #2:
Ralph blows the conch shell, once we get back, calling all of the other boys to a meeting on the beach. Once everyone is gathered, Ralph explains that there are no adults on the island and they need some rules.  But I call out during the meeting and remind Ralph of the pig in the forest, and that we need to kill animals for their meat, inorder to survive. Then Ralph explains that you may only talk, if you have the conch shell in your possession. I agree with this idea, because it gives more rule to the group. But Piggy, as always starts to complain that no one knows about us crashing on a island. Surprisingly, many of the boys are worried and show signs of doubt, after Piggy cried out. Everyone is quiet, even including me, but a younger boy explains that he saw a "beastie" looking snake creature last night. All of the younger boys are very frightened by this discovery from the younger boy, but we reassure them of the fact that there is no monster to be afraid of, and that it was probably just a nightmare. Ralph then suggest that we should light a fire on the top the central mountain, inorder to attract ships to the island. Excited by the thought, all of us begin to rush to the top of the mountain and build the fire, but Piggy and Ralph are far behind. And the entire time, Piggy complains about how immature and childish the children are and how they think that they will be saved. Once we reach the top, we all gather up a pile of dead wood to set on fire and we use Piggy's glasses to focus sunlight. The fire is strong for a few minutes, until Piggy starts getting upset about us using his glasses to make a fire. And he also said that they need to work more efficiently inorder to get off of the island. I volunteered the hunters and I to keep care of the fire, while we are out and about. But in the process of rekindling the fire, a group of trees has been set on fire. Piggy is enraged by the fact that the little boy who told them about the beast is missing. Ralph is very upset, but tried not to show it.

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