Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jack Entry #12

Entry #12:
In the morning, I hear talking while we are torturing one of the twins to try and find where Ralph is hiding. We all find out where he is hiding and we try to get inside of the thicket and attack Ralph. But it is unsuccessful, so I decide to light the forest on fire to try and smoke him out. He breaks out and runs from us, he then collapses on the beach from running. When we reach the beach, we find a Naval office standing with Ralph and we all realize that we had become so savage and that we all need to group together as one! We had been saved.

Jack Entry #11

Entry #11:
The hunters and I were coming back from killing a pig in the forest, and I see Ralph so I yell at him to leave our camp. He tells me that he needs Piggy's glasses back, so I attack Ralph and bring him to the ground. He tries telling me that we need a signal fire inorder to be saved, but I ignore him and tell some of the hunters to go and capture Sam and Eric and bring them back to the camp. Then he attacks me again and we begin another fight and this time all I could hear is Piggy's whining. So Roger rolls a massive boulder down the mountain side. It nearly hits Ralph, but it does hit Piggy, and it knocks him off the mountain side and he falls to his death. I try to throw a spear at Ralph, but he dodges it and runs off into the forest. But after that we begin to torture Sam and Eric, which forced them to join our tribe.

Jack Entry #10

Entry #10:
The next day we tie up Wilfred and beat him for disobeying my orders and I warn all of the members to be aware of Ralph and his group. We are all convinced that Simon was the beast and that we have been saved from it wrath. But the beast is never truly dead, so we must always keep guard from it. Then I explain that we need to raid Ralph's camp inorder to obtain fire wood and other resources. We sneak in and attack Ralph camp while they're asleep! We beat Ralph badly and his other members as well. And we also stole Piggy's glasses, so we could make fires.

Jack Entry #9

Entry #9:
I propose to Ralph's tribe that their members may join mine. But there is a large rain storm, and we do the rain dance in response. We are dancing in the forest and we happen to see a figure in the distance, it is the beast and we all run after it and attack it fiercely and we jump over the rock and land on it. It has finally been killed but then I realized that it was Simon. We leave and watch as his corpse is mangled and keeps washing up on shore.

Jack Entry #8

Entry #8:
When we wake up the next morning, everyone seems to be stirred up about something, so I blow the conch shell and there is a meeting that is called. I tell them that there is a beast and I tell them that Ralph is a coward and should not be in the leadership role. I am so angry at that moment that I leave and create my own tribe and anyone is welcomed to join if they wish. My new tribe has been formed and we go on our first hunt and Roger kills a sow. Then we take the skull and put it in the forest and quickly run away. We later go to Ralph's camp and ask if they wish to join us for dinner. And then we begin to raid their camp.

Jack Entry #7

Entry #7:
On our way to the mountain, we all stop and have something to eat. Ralph stares blankly out at the ocean and is concerned about the littluns and how they are not being responsible. Later, we happen to find pig dropping and we begin to hunt this pig, while we search for the beast. Ralph comes with and he took a sharp spear and hit the pig in the snout, but the boar cuts my arm and it is bleeding heavily. We all are very excited after the hunt and we reenact the hunt with Robert and hit him with spears, and I suggest that next time we should use a littlun instead. The next morning we go out to hunt and we bring Ralph with, and we go out to the mountain and start climbing it while Ralph and Roger wait at the bottom.

Jack Entry #6

Entry #6:
Ralph has allowed me to go out on a search, and we get to a part of the island that we have never explored before. There is a cave and we are all very frightened of it so nobody wants to go in it, but then I join Ralph in exploring the cave. As we climb the hill Ralph and I start talking again and try to rebuild our bond that we had in the beginning. While all of the other boys are playing and pushing rocks, Ralph reminds me that we are still looking for the beast, and we must return to the signal fire and rekindle it inorder to attract people to the island for help.